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Moonrise Kingdom – the Folk Wave trend of FW12

Published 10/18/2012 by

Wear a feather in your hair like you just don’t care, pull out your runes, put on some tunes, ‘cos Fall time is the best time to get earthy and ride the Folk Wave. Getting back to nature is as easy as donning some supple suedes and leathers, rustic prints, feathers and tassles, and it’s good for the spirit.  You can channel your inner run-away, wild-at-heart, devil-may-care doppleganger and look pretty fine in the process.

We all love to feel free and being in the wilderness is nature’s candy. Sometimes it’s as easy as having the air on your skin, feeling the beat of live music or laughing with your friends around a fire. Momma always said the simple things in life are often the best. Call It Spring’s Fall ‘12 Folk Wave collection channels the best of this easy spirit with its shoes and accessories so you can slip on the sensual looks and graphic prints and recharge your soul.

- Shayl Prisk


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