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Grayson Vaughan (Photographer)

Published 02/08/2013 by

From Andy Warhol’s Factory to the late artist Dash Snow, New York City has historically been a hot spot for up-and-coming young talent. New Yorkers are a cultured, brutally honest bunch. The city’s raw and cold attitude make most young artists perish before they even show their work.

As we’ve seen in the last few years, entertainment of all sorts has been diluted by biased opinions, nepotism and general apathy to craft. I often ask myself where we are with art? What’s new? What’s real? Where is the substance!

In my quest to find an actual artist I went full circle and stumbled across my good friend, Grayson Vaughan, a young and talented 21-year-old, South Carolinian living in Brooklyn, New York. Grayson and I have known each other for some time now. We met modeling when we were both right out of high school and since then I’ve seen Grayson’s fondness for the camera flourish.

Scrolling through Grayson’s blog you’ll find an assortment of pictures that depict his young and eventful life. Having honed the ability to “snap” exactly what he sees; his photos are honest and beautiful. Whether it’s a picture of his peers looking blankly at the camera, or the back of someone’s head, you always seem to be brought to a familiar situation–something tangible but also hyper creative.

Vaughan is not a product of his digital environment. His photos are all taken with cameras that were made well before he was born; a Pentax 67 and Contax t2 are his weapons of choice.

To me, he’s entering a world that we all seem to have forgotten. A world where everything is manual, and out of 100 shots you might only keep one. Grayson isn’t scared to lose or gain anything in his pursuit of the perfect photo, his technique is taken from a golden age and his knowledge is well beyond his years.

If you’re an aspiring artist, or simply just a fan, keep Grayson Vaughan on your radar. He’s got a lot of potential and a bright future will be his for the taking.

- Miles



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