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Hot or Not: Meggings

Published 02/22/2013 by

In the last 10 years men’s pants have gotten tighter and tighter. I remember my friends buying jeans from the women’s section because men’s pants just weren’t made tight enough. Well, now they most certainly are being made tight enough. Meggings, aka leggings for men, are the newest men’s fashion craze. Justin Bieber wore them while performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Russell Brand sports a pair almost everywhere that he goes. If you want to rock some meggings, just make sure that you wear a shirt that is long enough to cover areas that may attract stares, and try slipping on a pair of high-top sneakers or lace-up boots, to make a clear definition between your leg and your foot.

Is it inevitable that we will all be wearing meggings in a few years, or are meggings simply too tight to be worn by respectable gentlemen? We will have to wait and see, but one day each of us will have to choose a side. So, what do you think? Are meggings hot or not?

-Trenton Millar

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