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Talk of the Town: Festival Fashion

Published 04/12/2013 by

It’s only early-April (and some of us are staring out the window at snow flurries – ahem) but that’s not stopping us from dreaming of the warmer months and the festivals that come with them.

This weekend is the official kick-off of “Festival Season,” known around the globe as a time when music lovers everywhere descend on vacant lots, city parks and farmers fields in short shorts, tie-dye tees and a euphoria-induced haze to dance, sing-along and jam out to their favourite music.

It’s a tradition that goes further back than Woodstock and the summer of ’69, to the now mythic Monterey Pop Festival in June of 1967 where everyone from Jimi Hendrix to The Who took the stage, kicking off a phenomenon that’s now as popular and celebrated in England’s muddy fields as California’s sun-kissed desert.

And it’s California that we’re dreaming of this week, back where it all kicked-off in ’67 among palm trees and soaring temperatures. Whether you snagged tickets to Coachella or not you can still dress like you did. In fact, the best thing about the season, is that it’s a season, which means you’ll be able to rock your festival fashion at Primavera in May, Glastonbury in June and Osheaga in August.

Here’s a few suggested pieces that’ll look just as good hanging out in the desert as moshing in the mud (though your toes might get a beating).

1)      The Gladiator: These knee-high sandals give the illusion of toughness, while allowing your feet to stay cool.

2)      The Barely There: Stay well back from the crowd and look put-together in these sophisticated sandals.

3)      The Plimsoll: The ideal festival shoe, with ample toe-protection, easy slip-on action and just enough colour to match your tie-dye shirt.




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