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DIY: Make a bun with a Hair Doughnut

Published 04/19/2013 by

If you’ve ever attended a music festival, you probably know that you need to style your hair in a way that will protect it from the heat, the sweat and the water you throw in your face multiple times a day. If you’re like me, your hair needs to get out of the way and leave you ultimate freedom. That’s when the bun comes in to play. Sure, a simple topknot works well, but because we all love a little extra embellishment during festival season, here’s how to do your hair in a flowery and festive bun using a hair doughnut.

Step 1: Run to your local Call It Spring store to get yourself a “hair doughnut” and maybe a cute pair of sandals (that is optional). Arm yourself with ze donut, flowers from the Dollar Store and a few bobby pins.

Step 2: Comb your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 3: Insert the donut at the tip of your ponytail and roll it down until you have a full and round bun.

Step 4: Secure your hair with a fee bobby pins. If you dance a lot at the festival, that will help your hair last until the sun goes down (and even more, who knows!).

Step 5: Cut a few plastic flowers from the “branch.” Choose multiple colours or only one if you’d like your bun to match your outfit.

Step 6: Add them in your masterpiece. Fix them with pins.

Ready, set, Coachella!

-Gabrielle Lacasse


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