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On the Road: Atlanta, Georgia

Published 04/28/2013 by

We’re moving into neighbourhoods all over the States and taking you on a tour with us.

Our first stop?  ATLANTA!

Atlanta, Georgia, is the biggest city in the south and is too chill to be jealous of New York or L.A. — who else can brag about being the birthplace of crunk?

If Outkast, Usher, Soulja Boy, Lil Jon, Kanye West, Ludacris, T.I. and many others all hail from A-Town, the city must be doing something right, so whether you’re cruisin’ in the ATL  or crunkin’ at the site of the ‘96 Olympics, here’s what’s cool in Hotlanta.

First off, there are 71 streets named “Peachtree,” it’s confusing – but delicious.

If you’re lucky you could spot Justin Bieber visiting his Atlanta-based manager, and while there’s no Anne Frank museum for the Bieb to visit, Atlanta has historical figures of its own. You can visit Martin Luther King Jr’s house, church and tomb. Actually; maybe MLK was the original Belieber because, well, he had a dream.

A-Town is also home to the largest aquarium  in the world. Skip a night at the hotel for an aquarium sleepover and wake up to whale sharks swimming around you.

At the World of Coke  you can learn all there is to know about the iconic beverage invented more than a century ago by an Atlanta pharmacist. Tours finish off with a tasting room where you can try over 60 flavours from around the globe. Don’t miss the vault where the secret of the Coca-Cola formula is kept.

Ever wonder what a real underground dance club is like? Well one popular Atlanta nightclub might have the answer. It’s really underground, like, as in actually under the ground. With no website and no flashy sign, the MJQ Concourse (736 Ponce De Leon Ave) club is where you arrive late and leave, erm, late. Make sure you are rocking some trendy men’s shoes if you are a guy & some sexy heels if you are a women!

Remember, in Atlanta you can have whatever you like.

-Fay Duval



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