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How to Wear It: Canadian Tuxedo

Published 05/06/2013 by

The Canadian Tuxedo is one of the great gifts that Canada has given to the world, along with maple syrup, hockey and Pamela Anderson. This head-to-toe denim look began as functional work wear for the lumberjacks and cowboys of Canada’s west, and now it can be seen on the streets of major cities the world over, for better or for worse.

If you want to sport a Canadian Tuxedo, be sure to choose a denim jacket or shirt that has a different wash than your jeans. Whatever you do, don’t wear a denim jacket and jeans that have the same wash!  I usually go with dark washed jeans and a denim shirt with a lighter wash. In keeping with the workwear look, throw on a pair of lace-up boots, like the WOBSER or the BUSMAN.

The Canadian Tuxedo also provides a great neutral base to wear some more exciting men’s trendy  footwear, like the bright colored sneakers. Top off your outfit with your choice of shades (also know as sunglasses), and you’re set to go.  Jeans have always been a dude’s favourite pair of pants, so why not treat yourself to denim all over now that you know how to wear the Canadian Tuxedo?

-Trenton Millar


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