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Get the Look: Prom Flats

Published 05/09/2013 by

Prom, or as many like to call it, Ze Prom, is a big night filled with joy, music and friends. You wake up early, head over to the hairdresser, get your hair done, then get your nails done and make sure your lipstick matches the colour of your dress. You plan on looking pretty and that is very understandable, because every girl should feel pretty on that special day.

Now, you’re wondering, what about those prom shoes? What if you are that type of girl who never wears high heels or doesn’t like to wear heels? What if you fell off the stairs when you were 14, wearing heels, and you are still scared of heights because of that? What if you don’t like this season’s heels? What if, what if?

The solution? Prom flats. Yes, you read right — flats. I’ve seen a lot of fun, cool girls who’ve done it, so why not you? I bet you’ll be the only gal who can still dance with her shoes on at midnight. You won’t be carrying them and walking barefoot all over the hotel because, well, your shoes are comfortable, unlike some others.

Managing the “no heels” style is quite easy. All you need a fun prom dress, maybe like the one you would have worn with heels. There’s only one rule: no maxi or mermaid dress, because no flat shoes can look good with those.

Once you’ve decided to go flat, you need to choose the right pair of women’s shoes. I suggest you go for a pair that matches your dress and will complement it. You can also pick one that has a little height in, like these creepers. With their embellishment and their classic cut, they’ll upgrade any prom outfit.

Then, accessorize like you would normally with a chic necklace, a statement bracelet and a smile.

You’ll be different, but still cute and stylish for the big night. Now, go on and have fun!

-Gabrielle Lacasse

P.S. Liking this prom story? Stay tuned, there’s more on the way.



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