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The Ultimate Girls’ Night In

Published 05/16/2013 by

As much as we love spending the night at a cool party hotspot, sometimes we just want to stay in with our besties. What are the makings of an awesome girls’ night in?


On The Tube

Curled up in your comfiest clothes (hello sweats) with remote control in hand. You’ll have to make some tough choices. “Clueless” or “Mean Girls“? ”Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” or the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”? Chick flicks and trashy reality TV are a must. I always make a point to check out the women’s shoes on these shows.


Snack Attack

This is the night that the diet gets thrown out the window – you don’t go spinning for no reason right? We’ll be snackin’ on ice cream and sprinkles, chocolate covered gummy bears, buttery popcorn and donuts with lots of icing.


Gossip Girl

A major catch-up sesh is a must. Who’s the latest boy and of course, is he a good kisser? Juicy details must be shared. Love the ankle boots these women wear on the show.


Nailed It

This is the perfect time for a quick polish change. Ask each of your friends to bring two pretty polishes and you’ll each have a new colour to try. We’re loving minty greens and peachy corals right now.


The Playlist

An impromptu dance party may ensue. Go new school with Daft Punk and Pharrell (we’re imagining Pharrell singing to us right now) or old school with Michael Jackson’s “Pretty Young Thing” (you can’t go wrong with classic MJ). Get yourself a comfy pair of women’s flats to make dancing more pleasant!

-Erica Lam



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