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DIY: Gatsby-inspired Prom Pedicure

Published 05/21/2013 by

This year there’s one movie that’s perfect for Prom shoes inspiration; “The Great Gatsby.” Released just in time for the Big Night, it means the 1920′s look is a big theme this year. The movie, which features designs by Miuccia Prada, displays plenty of inspiration for glamorous gowns, glittery shoes, sexy eye make-up and finger-waved hair.

We’ve picked three retro-style platform pumps—and matching prom pedicures—that’ll make you feel like you’re partying at the mansion in West Egg.

Chloe is a sophisticated pump with jewelled multi-straps reminiscent of 1920′s detailing. Glamorous in sliver, they work best with satin and silk gowns in colours, such as purple, pink and blue. Keep it simple and wear them with a deep scarlet nail polish.

We love an elegant pair of High Heels, and the Flodars couldn’t be more feminine. With classic details from the ‘20s like black lace, ankle straps and peep-toes, they’re perfect for the romantic at heart. Pair the black heels with a white gown and classic red nail polish.

Feeling flirtatious? The copper-coloured Annice is full of the bubbliness of a 1920′s party — these are a real showstopper. They work best with shorter length gowns, adorned with sequins or jewelled detailing. Wear them with the biggest nail trend of the year: the snakeskin sticker pedicure.

Nail Patch How-To:

1. Choose the size to fit your toenails. It’s better to use a larger piece than a small one.

2. Prepare your nails (clean, file & remove the cuticles) and leave your nails unpolished.

3. Remove the transparent film, then remove the adhesive part of the sticker.

4. Place the sticker on your nail and smooth the surface firmly with your fingers to remove any creases or air bubbles.

5. Fold the adhesive patch under the nail and use a fine filing board to remove any extra sticker.

6. Use a boxwood stick (or a toothpick, if you don’t have one) for the finishing touch.

7. Voila! A DIY pedicure perfect for a night of dancing!

-Solen Marie


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