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Let Your Hair Down for Prom

Published 05/23/2013 by

Leaving your hair loose for Prom can work. You don’t need to pull off that complicated high bun that most of your friends will have for the night. You can be different. Different is fine. Different is perfect, I would even say.

If you want to be a little more daring with your loose hair, you can add some fun hair accessories. I’m not talking plastic bows or glitter. If you’re more than 10 years old they’re not for you and you’re not 10, since you’re heading to your prom. What you could use instead is a spiky headband. They can really spice up your hair for the big night.

You can wear it as a normal headband, like in the pictures, if you want to look feminine with a touch of rock-and-roll. It’s still simple, but the gold and black studs add a little bit of glamour.

What do you think? Would you wear a spiky headband to your prom? How about a rockin pair of prom shoes?

-Gabrielle Lacasse


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