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Published 05/29/2013 by

Like it or not, ankle bracelets (aka anklets) are making a comeback this year. Now that the weather is a little warmer, you’ll often see people wearing them on the street or at the beach, depending on where you spend your spare time this summer.

If you like the trend, grab your favourite pair of women’s shoes and try it! You can try any bracelets from your favorite store and attach them above your feet. The one used in the pictures are from Call It Spring (surprise!). They’re just normal bracelets used as an ankle bracelet — easy. If you want, you can also purchase bracelets especially designed for your ankles; they’re a little bigger than usual.

The next step is to choose the type of shoes you’ll wear it with. Do you wear chic high heel pumps? Perfect for any happy hour. Don’t like to wear heels? Try it with flats, like these for a more laid back look. Going to the beach? Bare foot it is or maybe a pair of stylish sandals.

However, please don’t try to wear ankle bracelets with any of these: ankle-strap heels, knee socks, stockings and regular socks. These will never ever look good together, trust me.

Now, try it and see if it fits your personal style. Then let us know: are ankle bracelets hot to wear or not?

-Gabrielle Lacasse


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