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One of the big trends this summer is the two-strap sandal. A two-strap sandal is any shoe—heel, wedge, flat—that has two straps, one that sits across your toes and one that fastens around your ankle. If you want to look on-trend and be comfortable this season, these are the shoes for you.

A lot of girls are a little iffy about the ankle strap. A fear of “cankles” (or fat ankles) is the most common reason for this iffy-ness. However, we’ve found (after years of gruelling research) that if you go with a thicker strap that sits fairly low on the ankle the effect can be quite slimming. Going with a pair that has a nude strap is also a great way to camouflage the cankle, since it will blend in more naturally with your skin tone and therefore look little more subtle. One final trick is to make sure there’s a little bit of hardware or bling, if you will, on the strap can also be a great way to detract from and/or eviscerate any cankles.

What we love about these two-strap sandals is the fact that they’re casual, but not too casual. You won’t look underdressed grabbing dinner after a day at the beach or like a scrub when you roll out of bed and walk to class after late night. We’d pair them with everything from jean cut-offs to floral dresses to a cute khaki mini. But we’d avoid wearing them with skinny jeans and maxi dresses. You want to show off how nicely the hardware of the straps complements the stud detailing across the toes, not hide the straps (and your cankles) beneath layers of fabric.

So, what do you say? Are you a fan of the two-strap sandal or you prefer your straps solo?


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