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Behind the Scenes: Fall Street Style Shoot

Published 06/03/2013 by

Summer has barely had the chance to break-in its new flip-flops, but we’ve already moved on to fall.  A few weeks ago, we shifted into full autumn mode when our in-house creative team got together with some awesome peeps — a stylist, a make-up artist, a photographer and a couple of models — to shoot the street style looks for the fall.

When we got to the studio one bright, warm day in early-May, its doors were wide open and Beyoncé’s latest was wafting out of the studio. Inside, the mood was playful, the photographer’s flash illuminating the white space, the stylist and make-up artist (sporting dust slippers over their shoes) taking the opportunity between shots to straighten hems or reapply a touch of gloss. Jars full of Swedish Berries and Peanut M&Ms were slowly but surely disappearing, the team snacking on them mindlessly as they huddled around a computer watching the shots as they rolled in.

The studio’s shelves were stocked with props for the shoot everything from croquet bats to neon pencil crayons, giant lollipops to sports trophies. This fall we’re going full-on high school. Think cheerleaders, marching bands, classroom antics and cafeteria food fights.

As the model changed outfits and the team switched out the backgrounds and changed the composition of the props, we checked out a next season’s collection. We’ll sum it up for you in three words; satchels, studs and burgundy, you can imagine the rest for yourself.

As the afternoon drew to a close we wondered in to the dressing room to find a half-eaten slice of watermelon abandoned on the make-up table. It felt as if summer had already been and gone.

Here’s a look at the shoot….



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