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Hot or Not: 90s Prints

Published 06/04/2013 by

Pull out your copy of Saved By the Bell: the Complete Series, and you’ll find the same graphic and bold prints sported by the students coming back into style now. These chunky and fun prints go just as well on a shirt as they do on a fanny pack or a 5-panel hat.

I can’t help but feel that these prints are worn with a touch of irony though. Are people purposely trying to look like they shop at the thrift store (even if that’s not the case)? It may be time to apologize to your dad for chiding him on having a stash of these 90′s style print shirts in his closet.

If you’re going to channel your inner Fresh Prince of Bel Air (rockin those High Top Sneakers), just give a nod to the 90s with one or two references — don’t dress 90s from head-to-toe and look like you’re wearing a costume. We have come along way in Men’s & Women’s footwear since that time!

Do these bold prints belong in 90′s memories, or are they primed for a comeback?

-Trenton Millar


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