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Bon Voyage: Your Euro Trip Essentials

Published 06/05/2013 by

We’re marking down the days till we jump on a plane for Europe (London and Paris to be exact) and we’re makin’ a list of all our Euro trip essentials. We’re trying our very best not to over pack. Shoes are our weakness, how are we supposed to decide? Here are some handy tips on getting Euro trip ready to help your adventure go oh-so-smoothly.


Wardrobe Essentials

You’ll want to be pretty mobile while travelling Europe. Lugging suitcases up and down stairs, into busy metros and down narrow hallways can be a challenge. Pack a wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched. Items that will get lots of mileage, classic t-shirts and tanks, a chambray shirt, leggings, denim shorts and a little black dress. We’ll be packing a pair of canvas sneakers for all that walking and Delora platform pumps when we want to dress up our look. Pack a few key accessories like the Ludmila statement necklace, accessories can instantly increase your outfit options.


Keep Entertained

We’ll be leaving our laptop behind and bringing along an iPad or iPad Mini for the long plane and train rides. Stockpile your fave books and mags (fashion and gossip ones are our faves), music (Kendrick Lamar on repeat) and TV shows (who isn’t obsessed with Game of Thrones). And when you’re missing home, you can easily FaceTime your family and friends.


Plug In With A PowerAdapter

Electric plugs in Europe differ from those in North America. We have a couple suggestions. Pick-up a euro plug adapter and make sure that anything you’re bringing that requires electricity is dual voltage. Look at the label (say your flat iron) and look for the voltage (Euro plugs are 220 volts).


Load Up On Handy Apps

Getting around a new city can be tricky, the Paris Metro alone has 16 lines and 300 stations. We’re loading up our phone with handy apps like the Paris Metro (easily reference metro stations) and Trip Advisor Offline City Guides(find itineraries and travel tips). For last minute planners, we also like the app Hotel Tonight – book hotels at steep discounts for the night of.

-Erica Lam


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