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Get the Look: Overalls, Safari Jackets & Sky-high heels

Published 06/05/2013 by

If there’s one lady we know who can rock the latest trends unlike anyone else, it’s Lea Monaco. We gave her a pair of Quilla sky-high heels and let her do her thing. She came up with two distinct ways to wear these super sleek wedges.


Look #1: Relive your childhood

Take your overalls to the next fashun level by pairing them with these coral sky-high heels, totally Man Repeller approved. For me, overalls are just like statement jewellery – minus the price tag. Whenever I throw on my pair of overalls, I can’t help myself to think about how great life was as a kid, don’t you? And I say wearing them with sandal high heels makes it totally appropriate for me to still be rocking them, even after all those years.

Look #2: Bonjour Madame

Fine, I’ll admit it – I have a major girl crush on Isabel Marant. I absolutely love how she mixes and matches her outfits while making them look so refreshing and vintage-feeling at the same time. Take out last season’s fashion items from your ‘old clothes’ pile and get inspired! A simple switch from blazer to safari jacket will have you feeling like you invented style. So, glam-up your favourite boho rock-and-roll outfit with these to oh-so-chic suede wedges and instantly bring out your inner French femme.

-Lea Monaco



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