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JUST IN: Tangerine Pumps and Flats

Published 06/05/2013 by

Ever since Stella McCartney put lemons and grapefruit on everything from blouses to dresses, fruits have been trending. But forget your apples and bananas, your pears and plums, citrus is the king of this trend.

What it is about citrus that says summer? Is it the orange slice at the bottom of your sangria? The lemonade the neighbour’s kids sell for .25 cents a glass?  The fact that the colours just looks so darn good when you’ve got a tan? Whatever it is, citrus is coming for you this summer and by the end of the sunshine you’ll be so sick of beautiful, bright pops of colour that you’ll be happy to slip back into your blacks and greys.

But first, before you go back to your fall-tastic ways, you’ve got to get flirty with those limes and blood oranges, those peaches and nectarines and tangerines.

Of all the women’s shoes this season, these two are the fruitiest, we can practically taste the acid-sweetness of orange juice when looking at them. Slipping into these is the fashion (and, trust us, way more practical) equivalent of sticking tangerines on your toes for fun. The colour is so gosh darn cheery, we defy you to feel down while wearing them.

If you’re the type of girl who likes two trends in one, these tangerine dreams also come with the subtlest of metallic accents. Orange you glad we said tangerine?


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