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Tips for a First Date

Published 06/11/2013 by

You’ve asked them on a date, and they’ve said, “Yes.” The next step is making that date as awesome as possible. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to put together this list of tips for a first date to help you along.

  1. Where to go – Choosing the right place to go on a first date is essential. Picking a great first date destinations will help the conversation flow and say something about who you are. Coffee is the standard choice, but there are more creative options. Packing a picnic and going to a park shows you had to prepare a little and can be more romantic. Don’t go to the movies. Not being able to talk the whole time will ruin your date.
  2. What to Wear – Deciding on what to wear shouldn’t be scary. All you need to do is be yourself – the best version of yourself. Think smart casual and dress up a little. Try wearing your favourite t-shirt with a blazer over top and jeans. Slip on a pair of dress(ier) shoes to finish off the look. Whatever you wear should make you feel confident. That’s how you know you’ve got it right.
  3. Be Prepared to Pay – The general rule is that the person who asks for the date pays. Simple as that.
  4. Be Punctual – Be sure to show up on time. First dates make everyone nervous enough as it is – don’t add to your date’s anxiety by making them wonder whether you’ll actually show up.
  5. Plan an Exit Strategy  – If things start to head south, make sure you’ve got an easy out. The best exit strategy is to simply set a definite end time to the date by saying you have something else to do later on, even if your only real plan is watching Game of Thrones in your underwear. For example, say you have to finish an assignment, or are meeting your family for dinner, that way if you’re having a terrible time, no one’s feelings get hurt.
  6. Shut it and Listen – Lastly, don’t talk about yourself all the time; talk about them and ask questions. You already know you love spending time with you – but you’ll never know if you like spending time with them if you don’t learn about who they are.

Now take a deep breath and relax. You are going to rock this thing.

-Trenton Millar


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