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JUST IN: Wood Wedges

Published 06/12/2013 by

There’s that old saying, “what goes around, comes around” but what that saying doesn’t tell you (mostly because that’s not the actual point of the saying) is that when those things come back around they’re usually better. The 90s, for instance, we’re okay. There was some great music (Nirvana) and some bad music (“Who Let the Dogs Out”), some good movies (“Clueless”) and some truly terrible ones (“Bio-Dome”). Clothes were kind of awful. Girls wore everything from tight, low-cut polyester pants and fuzzy crop tops, to loose men’s pants and 70s-style baseball tees. Guys were all about dyed blond hair, casual boots, band t-shirts and, more often than not, too much CK One.

Now that the 90s are back, however, they are awesome. Really, really awesome. They’re like that bad kid who learns an important lesson over the summer and returns to school in September a way better person. It’s like all the kitsch, and lameness of the 90s (like, um, the “Macarena”) has been erased and the coolness inflated to just the right amount. Suddenly plaid over band shirts are starting to look pretty darn good, crop tops are everywhere and Drew Barrymore’s trademark daisies are being embroidered on everything from baby-doll dresses (so Courtney Love) to jean jackets.

These wood wedge sandals feel like the best part of those two-worlds – the old 90s and the new 90s – colliding.


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