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Meet the Artist: Tyson Bodnarchuck

Published 06/14/2013 by

Nothing is more synonymous with summer than colour. As soon as the weather warms up, we all bust out our pastels and primary hues. It’s our way of expressing joy that the season of road trips, poolside hangs and backyard parties is finally here. Visual watercolour artist Tyson Bodnarchuk is passionate about summer too. For him, summer means more than sunshine. It means the best time to grow inspiration for his illustrative work; the lovable, colourful, monsters, robots and villainous creatures that he’s become known for. Yes, that’s correct, these creatures don’t bite. In fact, most of them want to cuddle, they can sometimes be bashful, and they almost always carry dreams that are way bigger than themselves Tyson’s watercolours give even the smallest creature the space to be imaginative; it’s the key to what makes his art so relatable. Relatable monsters? Well, don’t we all wish our dreams would come true?

The most playful aspect of his watercolour work is the free form composition. He starts with an imagined shape, and then decides where the shape will take him. Morphing the character’s face and choosing the proper colour are the steps that make each piece come to life. Creatures may stand alone, or may be mashed into a ‘Monster Party’; in any case, each one has fun maintaining its individuality, even in the company of friends.

Living in the trendy neighborhood of Mile-Ex with his chabrador dog named ‘Spidey’, Tyson’s dream came true when he moved to Montreal from Winnipeg, Manitoba. His motivation to move to Montreal was simple. He couldn’t resist its charms, and the ‘joie de vivre’ lifestyle.. Now a full-blown Montrealer, on his latest visual adventure, Tyson was chosen by Ford to collaborate on a campaign for Ford Fiesta. Creatures of all colours and shapes have been climbing the walls of three busy Montreal metro stations since early June, (Sherbrooke, Place-des-Arts, Berri-UQAM) and are set to be there all summer.

When we asked Tyson how he feels about his work being viewed on such a large scale, his response was, “It’s very humbling. It’s also fun that I get to see it on my daily commute. I got lucky, I guess.” Tyson was a big fan of our trendy Men’s Sneakers, so we know he is cool!

- Christina Stimpson


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