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Just In: Denim Lace-ups

Published 06/19/2013 by

Everyone remembers their first pair of jeans. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you were a teeny tiny baby whose parents paraded them around in a Canadian Tuxedo and faux itty bitty sneakers that never, ever touched the ground because you didn’t know how to walk. Or maybe you spent your pre-teen years in jogging pants, your white tube socks indiscreetly sticking out of the elastic cuff, and had to stash away your allowance away for six months just to pony up enough coin to get a decent pair of Jordache.

Whether you were born into it or struggled to find it on your own, those first pair of jeans probably made you feel pretty cool. And chances are you haven’t taken them off since — not that exact pair, obviously, that would be gross — but denim in general.

Ever since it became the go-to fabric during the Gold Rush (we’re serious, Google it) and a sign of rebellion in the 50s, it’s become a synonymous with cool. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, a kid growing up in the middle of the city or a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere, the one way to assert your unswerving devotion to cool is to put on some denim. But of course with denim, you always need the perfect pair of shoes for men, to go with your denim!


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