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How to Wear It: Swim Trunks

Published 06/25/2013 by

The sun is shining, the humidex is way up and it’s time to head to the beach! But before you grab your towel, it’s time to go swimsuit shopping. There are plenty of different swim trunk options for men, and we’ve broken it down to three simple styles with a bit  of advice we have some great advice to help you choose trunks that will make you look and feel awesome.

Board shorts are for the surfer/skater types. These are supposed to be long and loose fitting, but don’t get them too long and baggy, or you’ll look sloppy. Board shorts should hit at the knee, not below, and should fit you at the appropriate part of your waist. That is to say, slightly, below the belly button. Nobody wants to see a guy wearing board shorts that reach down to his shins and fall below his crotch.

On the other end of the spectrum is the speedo. Worn by Olympians, Brazilians and the French, this garment is meant for those with plenty of confidence. If you’ve got the legs and confidence to wear these, just make sure you keep your leg hair neat and trimmed. I’d also advise you to keep to basic colours. Don’t be the guy in the leopard print speedo – he’s getting stared at for the wrong reasons.

I’m going to be wearing short trunks to the beach this year. At about half the length of board shorts, these will show some more skin without baring it all. Designers have been using plenty of graphic and floral prints on these this season too, so there is plenty of room to have fun. Think about your dad in the 80s – that’s the length you’re going for.

My last piece of advice is to avoid white bathing suits that will go see through once you dive in. Stick to darker colours with whatever swim suit you choose and you can avoid this fashion tragedy.

-Trenton Millar


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