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The Classic Driving Moccasin

Published 07/02/2013 by

It’s summer. The perfect time to roll-up your pants, ditch your socks, slip on a pair of classic driving moccasins and channel your inner playboy. This year, guy style is all about casual elegance – and yes, guys can be elegant – just think if 60s-icon Marcello Mastroianni, and trend setters like Pharrell Williams.

Sure, you know the shoe, but have you ever thought about where it came from? And why is it called a “driving moccasin”? Why not call it a “suave shoe” or a “sockless joe”?

Like a lot of good stuff, the first driving moccasin was created in Italy by Italian company Car Shoe back in 1963. With an upper made of leather and a sole made of rubber, like that which tires are made from, the shoe was a luxury item that not just anyone could afford. The idea behind the driving shoe was to avoid wearing down your other shoes, and for them to be more comfortable to drive in than other styles of footwear.
It wasn’t until the 1970s that Diego Della Valle, owner of Tod’s, created a more affordable version of the driving shoe that the everyman could finally enjoy the shoe. Since, the Tod’s driving shoe has become the iconic driving shoe design.
The driving shoe is now a staple shoe design that can be seen all over the world. Tod’s and other manufacturers (like, uh, us) continue to make more affordable models while Car Shoe, which was purchased by Prada in 2001, continues to make more upscale designs for those that want to drop $1,000 on things for their feet. There are even driving shoes for kids, though they won’t be able to sit behind the wheel legally for a few years.

If you’re going to race around town in some driving shoes, like the TEEMS and the RHODD, then just remember this one rule: no socks. Of course, that can cause other problems so I prefer to wear mine barefoot with some Gold Bond to absorb the sweat and odour. If you must wear socks, then get some deep ankle socks. Unlike regular ankle socks, deep ankle socks only cover your toes and the back of you heel, and they remain hidden from view with shoes on.

Now that you know where the shoes that take you where you’re going have come from you’re set to jet around town in style.
-Trenton Millar

Driving Moccasins

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Driving Moccasins

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