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JUST IN: Ballerina Flats

Published 07/03/2013 by

Every girl has her go-to flats, whether they be colourful plimsolls, dandy slippers / sandals or classic ballerina flats, like the ones pictured here. The plimsoll girl is most likely a bit of a tomboy – we’re talking cut-off jeans, baseball tees, stripped knee-socks (not knee high boots). She scales chain-link fences to take late-night dips in public pools and can fill-in-the-blank Jimmy Page is to Led Zeppelin, what ______ is to The Who.

The owner of the dandy slipper is your fashion-know-it-all, she knows her McQueen from her McQ and owns the print version of Style.com. When heading out the door in a pair of dandies she always breaks out a pair of slim-fit slacks. She make look all business but that just means she parties all the harder. From weeknight karaoke to late-night burgers, she’s always the last one to leave the party.

Ballerina wearers, however, are a more varied breed, simply because there are various breeds of ballerina’s. There’s the hopeless romantic, whose collection of pastel nail polish takes up an entire shelve of her medicine cabinet. The practical Patty, who wants to look cute in her belted A-line dress while not having to worry about breaking her leg/neck/ankle when getting from the subway to class.

Finally, there’s the girl who’s all about putting a modern edge on classic style. Mad Men is her style bible and she’d totally rock a beaded mini-caftan if only she could get her hands on the right one.

What kind of flats girl are you?

-Call It Spring Team


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