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The 5 Minute Smokey Eye Tutorial

Published 07/04/2013 by

It’s the worst-case scenario. There’s a seriously hot party to attend, only a couple of minutes to get there and not nearly enough make-up on to feel glamorous. Clearly, this is what beauty nightmares are made of. Well, not anymore. The most defining look of a night out with friends is the sexy, sultry smokey eye. Our smokey eye tutorial gives you the professional insider deal on how to create a look that lasts all night in just 5 simple minutes.


1-minute: Prep your eye and under eye with your favourite concealer so that the round of your lid and brow-arch each have an even-tone base colour.


2-minute: The most cherished tool in any make-up artist’s kit is the cream highlighter. Apply it using a tapping motion starting under the brow-arch, moving in a half-moon shape that contours the inside of the eye and ends at the edge of your temple.


3-minute: Line the inside of your upper eye lid, filling in each space between the lashes. This will give the appearance of thickness to even the thinnest lashes. With an upward motion use your finger to smudge the black liner up so that it creates a black cream base on the lid.


4-minute: Cover your entire round lid with the darkest shadow you can handle. Try not to go above the crease line. Use your finger to smudge the highlight cream and the dark shadow together. The middle should be a gradient of the two colours.


5-minute: Apply mascara with your eyes closed, bringing the wand as close to the lash-line as possible. Give it a slight shake in motion as you rise upward through the lashes. Apply a glamorous red lip to the smokey eye look to amp up the drama factor.




-Too much highlight can destroy this look. Put the amount of highlight you want to use on your opposite hand – depending on whether you’re a lefty or a righty. Than use your index finger to dab it through, kind of like a paint palette.

-A lot of dark shadows can be very messy and flaky. To avoid getting black streaks on your cheeks while applying a dark shadow place a tissue right underneath the lower eye lash line.

- Slap on a pair of knee high boots to compliment your make up


-Christina Stimpson



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