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JUST IN: Sneakers

Published 07/09/2013 by

Men’s Sneakers have been a part of guys’ wardrobes since the beginning of time – or close enough. Just try and think back to a time when they didn’t exist in your closet. They’ve almost always been there, right? And when they weren’t you spent hours agonizing over what pair to get next – the Air Jordan’s? the Reebok Classic? the Adidas Dragon? For a long time they have always been a staple for Men’s Shoes. You probably had more than one pair stinking up your closet; one for gym class and one for the rest of the time. Then one day, as if by magic, they suddenly melded into one sneaker – one all-purpose running shoe that looked just as cool when paired with your regular day-to-day jeans and tees as with your basketball shorts. WOAH.

That’s what happens when street style influences fashion, they come together to create something that looks rad, is awesome to wear and takes up way less space in your closet (just ignore the fact that you now have too many pairs to count). In the past few seasons it’s been happening more and more, every kind of shoe you can think of is getting a trendy running shoe (aka eva) sole from wingtips to brogues and everything in between. You many have never run a mile in your life, but your shoes sure make it look like you have.  This style is all about keeping it sporty and causal without being too flashy or announcing to the world that, actually, you take your midnight jogging very seriously. So tell us, how would you wear ‘em?

-Call It Spring Team


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