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DIY: Watch Strap

Published 07/18/2013 by

A watch is not only a useful thing to wear, but it’s also the centrepiece of a girl’s arm swag. For that matter, an arm swag (or arm party) is the way you pile up your jewellery on one wrist and show the world your bracelet-personality and taste. So, if the watch is the thing people see the most, it has to be original, fun, shiny and different. Matter of fact, Call It Spring sells watches that come with a few different straps. The purpose of the many straps is that you can switch your strap from day-to-day, depending on your mood and personality of the moment. It’s also a great buy if you want to DIY your own watchstrap. Here’s how…


You’ll need: Glue, Call It Spring watch and bracelets, scissors.

  1. Pick the strap you want to keep as your masterpiece. You’ll use the other ones as fabric.
  2. Add a fun detail by removing the attachment and replacing it with a different one.
  3. Cut forms and lines into the other straps.
  4. Glue them on your straps. Make sure you leave enough place for the watch.
  5. Repeat as much as you want and you’ll end up with a fun and original watch.


Now, tell me, what time is it?

Time to DIY! (That was predictable, I guess)


-Gabrielle Lacasse



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