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Widowspeak Takeaway Performance at Northside

Published 07/19/2013 by

Sometimes life gets unexpectedly awesome. That’s what happened at NorthSide on the Saturday night after we caught a stripped down show by Brooklyn’s Widowspeak at Cameo Gallery.

We stepped into a secret room for an interview (okay, okay it looked like something out a Lynch movie) with two of the sweetest and funniest musicians we’ve ever met, Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas. After we’d talked hometowns (Tacoma, Washington and Chicago, Illinois, respectively), first albums (Chumbawamba, Time Life’s Greatest Hits of 50s Rock’n’Roll) and best performances (Boise, Idaho, Iowa City, Iowa and Lucerne, Switzerland) we were treated to a best performance ourselves.

If you haven’t seen it already, watch the interview here.


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