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Just In: Neutral Cross-Body Bags

Published 07/24/2013 by

If there’s one thing in life we can’t do without, it’s a selection of women’s purses. From handheld to totes, satchels to bucket bags, we love them all. But our absolute, no questions asked favourite bag shape of all time is the cross-body bag. Why? You ask. Let use count the ways…

1) They’re Practical. Unlike dudes, when we leave the house we don’t always have pockets to put our stuff in. Wallets, keys, phone, lip gloss – just how are we supposed to carry this stuff around all night without putting it in some type of carrying-thingy? Of course, there are those ladies who leave the house with nothing more than a jean jacket and to them we bow down. You are our idols.

2) They Go with Everything. Everything, we’re serious. Big or small, canvas or leather, chain or fabric strap you really can’t go wrong when it comes to the design. Heading out to a concert in your jeans and grubby old sneakers? Wear a cross-body bag to class it up. Sporting a flirty, flora dress for a date? Take it to the next level with a bit of gold chain. Bonus Points: they can also double as a clutch.

3) They’re Hands-Free. Carry it over your shoulder or across your chest – either way your hands are free for clapping, holding a street dog, carrying (and not spilling) a beverage of your choice, carting home all the stuff you just bought at the mall, climbing a chain-link fence so you can go pool-hoping (not that we’d suggest you do it, it just happens), doing hand-stands, cartwheels, front hand-springs and of course, making jazz-hands when you’re excited.

Nothings relaxed like a beautiful handbag, on trend clothing and a nice pair of wedge sandals!

-Call It Spring Team


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