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Osheaga Essentials

Published 08/01/2013 by

The Osheaga Arts and Music Festival is always a fun weekend where you get to listen to amazing bands and dance all day with your friends. It’s also three days full of sweat, hotness and sometimes rain . That’s why you need to be well-prepared for your journey.

Here are some useful items I highly suggest you bring along :
1.Rain boots. Look at the weather when you wake up and if the little cloud sign appears, wear them.

2.Flower crown. It is the cutest way to hold your hair away from your face. (You can see my DIY article about it here.)

3.Sunglasses, to hide those tired eyes on the last day.

4.Face wipes, because they can also be used as hands wipes or even toilet paper (sorry, but yes).

5.Cute Women’s boots (if it’s not raining) will prevent your toes from the steps of other dancers.

6.Water bottle to refill as often as needed.

7. Cute shorts. Don’t wear pants, it is too hot outside.

8. Light top. You want your clothes to be as comfortable as possible.

9.Backpack to carry all of your extra stuff (sandwich, cards, keys, cellphone)


Don’t be afraid to share this useful list to all of friends, because they may not know.

Psst. Make sure to buy your subway tickets BEFORE the first day of the weekend, trust me on this.

-Gabrielle Lacasse



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