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What’s in Your Bag: Summer Essentials

Published 08/05/2013 by

During summer, less is more. Especially on hot days, the less you carry, the more you’ll be free. Nobody wants to drag a big handbag around with them when the humidity is making your hair frizzy and sweat is all over your bangs. Thing is, we (as girls) all have stuff that we need to carry around, so we still need a bag that’s not too big, but not too small, like this one.

Here are some summer essentials that all fit in that cute little thing:

-        Wipes. They’re practical to remove sweat and these ones are small.

-        Sunscreen. I hate it when my nose turns red. Don’t you?

-        Sunglasses (no need to explain this one).

-        Iphone or smartphone. A blogger essential.

-        A small book. I love to read during summer, but it has to be light and fun.

-        Keys. Because you gotta come home someday.

-        A little bit of bronzer. To fake that tan I don’t really get.

-        Lip balm. Lips can get so dry during summer.

-        A snack. You know the term hangry (hungry+angry)? That’s me.

-        Earphones. Practical when you friends show up late at the park.

-        A comfy pair of flat shoes


Now, time to hit the park/lake/pool/terrace, you’ve got everything you need!


-Gabrielle Lacasse



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