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JUST IN: Strappy Black Heels

Published 08/07/2013 by

Our autumn collection is starting to hit stores and one of the styles we’re most excited about are these strappy black heels. Sure, we love almond-shaped toe, the lace-up front that lets it form to the shape of your foot, and the fact that it hits right at the ankle bone for a sleek and slender look. But what we really love are the cut-out straps. It sounds simple, but it’s complicated — really.

The straps aren’t just simple cut outs, there’s an elegant tapered design to them that just makes the whole shoe feel more sophisticated. To our eyes, the design the shoe makes when slipped on your foot is reminiscent of a popular Art Deco design from the 1920s.

Not to get all “Great Gatsby” on you, but we think these heels would’ve looked just swell on any one of the dancing guests at Jay Gastby’s West Egg mansion. Though, presumably the heel would’ve been a little lower.

What’s most interesting about the Art Deco designs and shapes that came out of the era, however, isn’t how popular they were, but how ahead of their time. This kind of detailing gives just about every shoe, flat or heel, a modern edge. The designer and artist behind the Art Deco movement were so ahead of their time, they created shapes and patterns that look just as contemporary almost a hundred years later.

-Call It Spring Team


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