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Five Don’ts of High Heels

Published 08/30/2013 by

High heels are great for a lot of reasons. They elongate the legs, they make any outfit look 10 times more expensive, and they’re definitely nice to look at. Still, some people don’t know how to rock them and it can get clumsy. Please, read the five don’ts of wearing high heels, and don’t panic, will bring you the five do’s next week:

1. Walking like a clown with heels that don’t fit. Please try the heels at the store and if you can’t walk in them there, you certainly won’t be able to walk in them at another place or another time.

2. Long toe nails with women’s sandals. Ew.

3. Old heels that are falling apart. Have you ever seen someone with a broken heel? It’s the funniest thing, well, as long as it’s not you that’s got the broken heel.

4. Falling in the club because your heels are too high. Same as #1 — please don’t go overboard with heels you can’t walk in.

5. Heels at the beach. Say what?

Have you guys seen another heels don’t? Maybe low mid heels? If so, please share!

-Gabrielle Lacasse



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