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JUST IN: Ox Blood Sneakers

Published 09/04/2013 by

We’ve got your sole mate men’s sneaker. No, but really hear us out. These beauties look good. No flash. No razzle dazzle but instead something so much classier. You just know they’re going to age well. That rugged ox blood red; it’s the exact shade of our future smoking chair in our future library in our future mansion. Ahem. But it’s not just about aesthetics. You’re a complex guy with equally diverse interests. You want a pair you can take to dinner but if you spontaneously decide to hit up the batting cages (pun intended), your footwear seamlessly fits in. Chocolate brown lacing and soft tan accents bring a cool casual men’s shoe vibe for a non-traditional twist on the typical trainer. These bad boys are equally cozy with your cuffed chinos as they are with your slim cut trousers. In other words they can hang with the boys but also impress mama.


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