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The Five Dos of Wearing Heels

Published 09/05/2013 by

Last week, we mentioned the five don’ts of wearing high heels  and this week, we’re going to be a little more optimistic by mentioning the five do’s, because there are always two sides on a medal. So, besides elongating the legs and making them more attractive, heels are fun and flattering for those reasons (and more):

  1. Who likes to be taller? I like to be taller. Everyone likes it. Heels are a blessing for that.
  2. It dresses up your jeans. A boyfriend jean looks soooo good with heels. Ten times more than with flats. Well, any jeans I must say.
  3. You can wear small heels, sky-high heels, block heels, name it. There’s a pair for everyone and every occasion.
  4. It is a great reason to take a cab, take the car or take a seat. Nobody looks at you like you don’t give a **** about the planet or you’re just a lazy girl, ’cause you got open toe heels!
  5. Exercise. Have you ever tried to dance in heels? Cardio+Balance. It is almost like yoga (well, almost).


Any other reasons why wearing heels is great? I know you got plenty. Share them below!


-Gabrielle Lacasse


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