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Meet Kim: Our Emerson College Bud

Published 09/09/2013 by

We’ve teamed-up with a couple of awesome college students to spread the good Call It Spring word across Boston. Here’s the lowdown on our gal pal Kim.

This Emerson College senior, majoring writing and publishing, has a taste for travelling (and some inspirational Instagram shots to prove it), hot sauce and Kerouac. What can we say? She’s a girl after our own heart.

Where’s home?

I grew up in Southbury, Connecticut but Boston has definitely become a second home these past few years.

What do you like most about Boston?

I love how Boston is a walkable city and how each neighbourhood offers a unique style and vibe. Whether I want to throw on a chunky sweater and grab a latte at a hipster coffee shop in Allston, or break in my new heels and get a drink with my girlfriends by the harbour, each area of the city is super accessible and will cater to whatever mood I’m in.

What do you miss most about back home?

Other than my dad’s delicious home cooking (I subsist on cans of beans and stir fries when I’m living in my apartment), I miss my two bulldogs the most. Whenever I come home, Winston and Abby are always the first to greet me, tackling me to the ground and slobbering me with their kisses when I open the car door. I always joke that I’m going to kidnap them when I go back to school but my mom loves them too much so I think she might notice!

What’s the place visitors should see/one thing people should do in Boston?

Whenever I have a friend visit, I take them to get a cupcake at Georgetown on Newbury Street and go for a walk on the Esplanade along the Charles River. There are so many beautiful and historical neighbourhoods to visit and shop in, but I love the simplicity of walking in the park, especially in the fall when the weather is crisp and the colours are so vibrant. I’d also recommend bringing along a blanket to watch the sunset over the river. There are some great wine shops nearby in Beacon Hill where you can pick up a bottle of red and some cheeses to complete the evening picnic.

First fashion memory?

When I was little, I lived in dresses and refused to wear anything else. It came to the point where I would throw a temper tantrum if my mom chose an outfit for me that didn’t include tights and a flowy skirt. While this memory encompasses my childhood before I can remember, I have a specific memory of a photo of me wearing a Minnie Mouse dress on my fourth birthday. It was red, black and white, with ruffled white short sleeves, a polka dotted tulle skirt, and a big picture of Minnie on the front. In the photo I’m beaming and holding a tray of cupcakes for my preschool class, and I remember being so excited about the dress I kept asking my mom to take pictures of me all day.

Weirdest thing you ever wore?

When I was in middle school, I somehow thought it was appropriate to layer jean skirts over jeans. Fortunately, I have since donated all my American Eagle denim to Goodwill and my jeans are confident enough to be worn alone. I’m just glad that all my fashion mishaps occurred before Facebook was invented.

Food you can’t live without?

I’m not sure if this counts as a food, but I have an unhealthy obsession with hot sauce. The cupboard above my stove contains about seven different spicy sauces and my roommates once wrapped up a giant bottle of Red Hot for my birthday, to get the idea. At the end of the day, most of my food ends up tasting like Red Hot or Tabasco anyways, so for me it’s all about the spice.

Last book you read and loved?

I rarely have time for pleasure reading, but I would definitely say On the Road by Jack Kerouac, even if it is a bit cliché. The book just encompasses my own wanderlust and insatiable desire for personal exploration, especially in world where structure is emphasized and we are pressured to follow a specific path to succeed after graduation. I won’t pretend like I know where I’ll be 10 years from now, but as long as I indulge in my urges to travel, write, and surround myself with people I enjoy and love, happiness will follow.

Current wardrobe obsession?

I’m in currently in love with my green lace-up ankle boots that I bought in Guatemala this summer. Right outside the city of Antigua is a little artisan village called El Pastores where you can buy beautiful, genuine leather goods for insanely cheap prices. Along one dirt road is a strip of shops that strictly sell boots, and if they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for you can get a pair custom-made in a couple days for about $100. The boots I bought weren’t custom, but they were so unique that I fell for them immediately. My favourite detail is the little pocket that snaps shut on each side of the shoe–perfect for storing money for concerts or nights out when I don’t feel like carrying a purse!

Describe yourself in one to three words.

Creative, down-to-earth and curious.


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