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Meet Monica: Our Harvard University Bud

Published 09/10/2013 by

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve gone a little collegiate crazy. From our high school themed campaign to the studious satchels in our store, we’re all about varsity this autumn.

In the spirit of back-to-school fever we’ve teamed up with a couple of awesome, articulate and, of course, academic, Boston-based students who’ll be sharing their day-to-day (weekend hangs, mid-term cramming, solo student cooking, the works) with us. But before you get to see Harvard University and Emerson College through their eyes, let’s introduce you to the new girls on campus.

Meet Monica

When she’s not writing about Miley’s infamous performance at the VMAs or what to wear on a 6 hour flight on her blog, Chic Black Chick, this California girl is hitting the the sociology books Harvard and getting used to the chill of the north east.

Where’s home?

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. You know things are crazy when the name of my city is actually longer than the name of my state, but I love it. Even though it’s a pain to write out on envelopes.

What do you like most about Boston?

I feel like this is such a cheesy response, but I really like the people I’ve met here. I mean it! I had this idea that everyone on the East Coast was going to be super snobby and preppy and kind of rude, and that’s not how it’s been at all. I’ve made friends for life here and it’s nice because it keeps me coming back (since if I had my way I would never have to deal with winter/snow/Boston humidity ever again).

What do you miss most about back home?

Easy access to

  • Sunlight
  • Shopping malls

Those are my two essentials. And both of them are surprisingly hard to come by now that I don’t have a car (so I have to figure out the T) and winter takes the sun away for 8 months!

What’s the place visitors should see/one thing people should do in Boston?

This is the nerd in me speaking, but I would have to say that a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts is an absolute must. There’s literally something for everyone. If you’re all about baroque art or sculptures from ancient Indo-China, or even the official portraits of the British Royal Family, then you’re good to go. I even saw the exhibit on Mario Testino’s fashion photography and it was excellent!

First fashion memory?

My cousin and I were making a ruckus around my house after my seventh birthday party and we actually turned my whole living room upside down. We took down all the streamers and used them as sashes, popped balloons and wore them as rings, then we took the frosting from the remaining cake and used it as nail polish and lipstick. We were both too old to be making such a huge mess so my mom was kind of annoyed when she came back after dropping off the rest of the guests back at their houses and saw the havoc. Oops!

Weirdest thing you ever wore?

One time I dressed up as a hieroglyphic for a school play. Another time I thought it’d be a cool idea to come to school in what I thought was a “punk inspired school uniform” but was really just my dad’s button down and tie, with a plaid skirt and argyle socks I bought from Kohls with allowance money. I also had these lame circular Harry Potter glasses. I was in middle school, so I forgive myself, but that was easily one of the most embarrassing days of my life.

Food you can’t live without?

I’m Nigerian, so fried plantain and jollof rice actually make up an entire food group in my book.

Last book you read and loved?

I’m currently between four separate books right now outside of school, but the last book I finished and completely enjoyed and savored was Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. The Harry Potter series gets me every time though.

Current wardrobe obsession?

Wedge sneakers for women because I need the height, but the cobblestone and brick sidewalks around campus make it impossible for me to get around in high heels. Sneaker wedges, flatforms, creepers, they were all made with me in mind and I love them.

Describe yourself in one to three words.

Spastic, low-key, but still a bit of a diva.


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