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Call it Spring’s Campus Ambassadors

Published 09/19/2013 by

So, how is? We know the first week you sort of coasted, half pretending you were still on summer vacation. But those course outlines started piling up fast, weighing heavily along with a stack of books to match. Suddenly, your glossy bubble of denial was burst. You are back for another year! It’s cool though. You’ve been reunited with your besties. You’ve scouted the cutest boys in all your lectures and accordingly, strategically selected your seat for the semester. Best of all, it’s a fresh start. And what better way to mark a fresh start than with a new look?

Meet our Campus Ambassadors, Kim an  Emerson College senior majoring in writing and publishing, and Monica a sociology major at  Harvard University. They’ve been sharing their transition back into a new school semester and the Call it Spring pieces they’re rocking to perfect their fall/13 looks. Check out their pics below and  follow them on Instagram (@kimstagram91 and @chicblackchick).  See what these lovely ladies are coveting to take them stylishly through those sleep-deprived, non-negotiable double espresso  8 am lecture mornings!





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