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DIY: Backpack

Published 09/26/2013 by

At Call It Spring you know we most definitely love all things school—well, all the fun stuff at least. And what could be more fun than sporting a customized knapsack? With the school year in full swing there’s no better way to express your style and personality, and of course be the fashion envy of your all classmates, than by embellishing your pack with true Call It Spring flair. Or, if you’re just looking to procrastinate with a hands-on activity, this works too.

Practicality aside, your backpack is sometimes quite literally an extension of you. So why settle for the ordinary when you can look nothing short of spectacular with your embellished DIY knapsack?

We’re not talking neon pink feathers or rhinestone embellished animal print—but eh, if that’s what gets you hot then more power to you. A couple of no-longer-in-use clothing items around your house or from your local thrift shop are all you need to get your customize your bag. Don’t forget to throw in a little imagination too!




-Call It Spring backpack

-Fabric glue



-A contrasting fabric of your choosing (get creative with texture or pattern)



  1. Ensure the backpack is clean and dry. This will allow for better adhesion when gluing your fabrics.
  2. Measure and cut your denim accordingly so that the piece you are cutting fits, or is a little longer, than the pocket in which you are covering on the backpack. (DIY tip: stuff your backpack before gluing. It’ll make things a lot easier, seriously).
  3. Squeeze some fabric glue along the perimeter and center of the pocket and carefully place your piece of denim. Press and hold for a couple of minutes to ensure the fabric sticks fully to the exterior of your bag.
  4. Cut your secondary, contrasting fabric into pieces that cover the width and length of the top flap of the pocket.
  5. Again, squeeze some fabric glue along the flap and press and hold your pieces into place for a few minutes.
  6. Allow for a couple of hours of drying time before you rock your backpack.


Now you have a do-it-yourself backpack that screams style and, of course, has your friends screaming “O-M-G, likeee where did you get that!?”




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