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10 Essential shoes every woman should own

Published 09/27/2013 by

We consider ourselves something of footwear connaisseurs here at Call It Spring. Collectively, we own more shoes than we would ever want to admit in broad daylight. And although, our hunt is endless for the perfect pair there are some that come pretty close. Some we just can’t live without. Here we present to you our Top 10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own and the reasons why.

1)      The Classic Black Pump

The Classic Black Pump -

The Classic Black Pump –



What: A solid black high heel in a height you feel comfortable (ahem, relatively speaking…) walking, nay strutting in!

Why: It will be the shoe you grab for interviews, first dates or when you want to get away with wearing boyfriend jeans on ‘casual Fridays’ and need to take it up a notch.

How to wear it: There’s almost no wrong way to wear a pair of black heels. Almost. This season, pair them with a trim trouser that’s cut just above the ankle or a pleated (faux) leather 3/4 skirt.


2)      The Little Black Bootie (or L.B.B) 

The Little Black Bootie - style saint

The Little Black Bootie – style saint


What: A black ankle boot with a modest heel with  moderate embellishment (2 buckles, good. All over studs, not so much).

Why: Like their acronym counterpart, the little black dress (L.B.D), a black ankle bootie  is the ideal transitional pair for day to night dressing; casual enough for coffee dates, dressy enough for nice dinners.

How to wear it: A bit of contrast is always nice to spice things up. If you have a girly pair (open toe, thin delicate heel) wear them with a cuffed pant and do it up in the pedi department. If you’ve got something more edgy (Cuban heel and metal detailing), try working it with a flirty mini or baby doll dress.


3)      The City Boot (or motocycle inspired boot)


 The City Boot - Jacs Of All Trades

The City Boot – Jacs Of All Trades



What: A slightly edgy pair of walkable boots, lace up or motocycle style, in a 3/4 height.

Why: These are shoes meant for everyday urban living. You’re running around campus or your grabbing groceries. You don’t want to think about shoes but you still want to look cute and chic in case you run into that dude you’ve been crush’in on at the local Starbucks.

How to wear it: With your off-duty uniform of fave paper thin band tee, skinny jeans, leather jacket and Wayfarers.


4)      The Standout Flat 


 The Standout Flat - le fashion image

The Standout Flat – le fashion image



What: A pair of women’s flats, any style that tickles your fancy (yes, I just wrote that). The caveat? They. Must. Be. Cute. Lucky for you, we have loads here.

Why: Running out the door? You’ve got your outfit looking sharp and as much as you want to wear heels, sometimes it is just not practical. But you still want something more polished and pretty than a boot so you select some standout flats.

How to wear it: In the flats department pant length is key! No dragging hems people. We mean it. We are watching you. Nothing says sad like folds of fabric billowing above your shoes. Bust out those sewing skills and have all pants skimming the top of your foot.


5)      The Neutral Heel (aka the Leg Lengthener)


The Neutral Heel -twoandseven

The Neutral Heel -twoandseven



What: A solid neutral heel in a shade that matches YOUR skin tone (preferably without embellishment).

Why: Although we dream of waking up one morning to look under the covers and discover Naomi Campbell’s legs attached to our bodies….we will have to settle for the next best thing; The neutral heel. Add a few extra leggy inches with this sneaky optical illusion.

How to wear it: With all your cropped pants, short-to-midi length skirts and dresses, when the weather permits bare legs or boldly work the Kate Middleton tan tights angle.


6)      The Metallic Heel 


The Metallic Heel - Steal the Look

The Metallic Heel – Steal the Look


What: A minimalist metallic heel (or if you prefer a flat works too) in gold, silver or bronze.

Why: Metallics are like the dark denim jean of footwear. They can be casual and act as a neutral or they can be dressed up depending on what you pair them with. Either way, they add a little cool and classy pop of interest with shine.

How to wear it: We love pairing gold with rich autumn tones, rust, browns and burgundy and silver with cooler shades like navy, black and even ice blue. Avoid pairing gold with gold or silver with silver and shine on shine. The most modern way to wear metallic is unexpectedly with more casual items, eg. a camo jacket and plaid button down with a cuffed jean and metallic oxford =magic.


7)      The Riding Boot 


The Riding Boot  - Elle Canada

The Riding Boot – Elle Canada



What: A tall, fitted equestrian-style leather (or faux) boot.

Why: These are the preppier counterpoint to your city boot. A little more feminine, but just as practical for all day wearing, they are ideal for grounding casual slim pants and airy lace skirts.

How to wear it: These boots are perfect for working with cozy tights come fall/winter or your (dare I say the word?!) jeggings. But please, I beg you, don’t stuff bulky pants into your riding boots. That is a fashion crime of the highest order.


8)      The Urban Trainer

The Urban Trainer - fashionagonyblogspot

The Urban Trainer – fashionagonyblogspot



What: The running shoe 2.0. Not meant for ever actually running in.

Why: Swag. But no seriously, you want a comfortable trainer with a slim side profile (leave those chunky orthopedic soles for Gran) with a funky colour pairing (if that’s you) or maybe all black (if that’s you) that you can throw on for some sporty sass should you need it. And you do.

How to wear it: Wear them with minimalist urban-inspired separates. Trainers have a lot of detailing so keep a clean slate- think of them as an accessory because they are. Don’t pair them with other sporty items.


9)      The Wet Weather Boot

Wet Weather Boot - Hunter

Wet Weather Boot – Hunter



What: Rubber boots yo!

Why: Because it rains and when you fight with the weather- the weather always wins. Call a truce with an attractive rubber boot that doesn’t cramp your style (too much anyways).

How to wear it: You wear them when it rains. You protect your other shoes and bonus you arrive at school/work/any other destination with dry feet. Never bad.

10)   The Wild Card


The Wild Card - Street Peeper

The Wild Card – Street Peeper



What: The statement shoe. The one you try to talk yourself out of buying by saying, “What would I wear it with though?!”.

Why: You have this shoe in your closet for those sad I have nooooo idea what to wear mornings or evening hangs with your hyper stylish cousin/bestie. It is the shoe that makes the outfit, the conversation starter and basically just makes you happy to look down at your feet.

How to wear it: Keep your outfit simple when your are working your wild card pair. They are trendy so from the ankle up keep things either minimalist or classic. No competition – people will be focused on your footwork.




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