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Dancing on my own

Dancing on my own

Pop, Drop Lock, Walk It Off

This was it: My first high school dance. I was ready to come out of my shell, or at least that was the plan.

For years I had locked myself in my bedroom for hours on end, blaring music and dancing in front of the mirror, butchering routines from various 80’s movies and my own unnatural rhythmic instincts. Was I any good? Not a chance. But boy oh boy did I love to dance.

In the past, my sense of self-doubt had prevented me from breaking out my arsenal of killer moves in public but every star needs to shine and I was tired of standing on the sidelines unnoticed.

This was high school. The first dance! I needed to shed my skin and show everyone who I was. Wow can that girl dance, they would say.

Pop, drop lock, lawnmower, lawnmower, shimmy, shake, two step, walk it off, walk it off, thrust those hips, yeah girl, shoulder lean (slowly) and repeat. Nailed it.

I could make out shadows of figures in the dimly lit gym as I climbed the steps to my destiny.
A circle had formed on the dance floor as I made my way to the outer rim. A new song came on.

I took a breath and with all my determination stepped into the vast, open space in the centre. Eyes closed and with a robotic sense of commitment, I launched into my routine.

The music dissolved into sheer concentration,
only to float in and out as I missed the beat with the occasional jerk and fist pump. In retrospect,
I should have opened my eyes because when I reached my grand finale, my show-the-world-what- I’ve-got move, I looked up to see people dancing all around me. The circle had dissolved as soon as I had stepped in.

I left that dance with my head held high. No one actually noticed my routine, but it didn’t really matter. I had danced for myself and it felt good. That’s pretty much the best way to dance anyway.

– Joanna Fox

Um, does the incredible Joanna Fox ever sleep? How else can you explain this amazingly prolific Montrealer’s two degrees, 3 books, zillion penned articles and producing credits for numerous television shows?  Can someone puhleeze let us know how she does it?! 


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