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5 Essential Shoes for Every Man

Published 10/04/2013 by

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes”. Whether you believe this or not, we assure you it’s 100% true. So ask yourself, do your shoes saying, ‘I play video games for 7 plus hours a day and yes, my weekend is totally open” or are they saying, “Ladies, line up to the left. I’m just waiting for the valet to bring my (insert fancy car here) around.” True, good footwear might not get you the sports car but at the very least they will take you from point A to point B in style, turning a few heads along the way just like that swanky red convertible.


What : The dressy loafer

Why: Because you will have a wedding, a formal dinner and perhaps even an invitation to the Oscars this year. Crazier things have happened.

How to wear it: Keep these in tip-top form (polished and with shoe trees inside) ready for donning along side your slim cut suit or cuffed dark denim jeans and crisp white button down, for that posh dinner with your partner’s parents.


GQ - The Dressy Loafer

GQ – The Dressy Loafer


What : The Lace Up- Oxford

Why: Not as formal as your dressy loafers, these puppies are still a nice step up from combat boots and more refined than a desert boot…kind of the men’s work to dinner shoe for their sheer versatility.

How to wear: Oxfords have really evolved over the years. They are having a chameleon moment and can be paired with great success with a broad spectrum of styles. Don’t believe me? See below. (Editor’s Note: Not everyone can pull off the mechanic’s onesie and oxford combo, proceed with caution.)


the journey 21 - The Oxford

the journey 21 – The Oxford

- Oxfords

Dapper Lou – Oxfords


What : The Desert boot (or Chukka boot)

Why: The desert boot or Chukkah boot has a ruggedness about it that hits the perfect weekend (dapper) casual note.

How to wear: Roll up those chinos or bust out those tailored trim trouser pants, the Chukka boot works with either and does right by denim too. Whether laced tight or with the tongue let out for a bit more street swag, the desert boot adds some manly texture to any look.


Styleforum - The Desert Boot

Styleforum – The Desert Boot


What : Off court trainer

Why: Need there be a reason to wear sneakers? I know if you had to choose these would be your work shoes.

How to wear: The big difference that separates your gym shoes and off court trainers is the style quotient. Off court trainers have the comfort of a runner but the sleek sensibility of fashion footwear (not to mention they smell better). Your off court shoes go with your standard weekend attire but a great pair can even be (drum roll please) worn with suiting. No joke.


 - Off Court Trainers

style forum- Off Court Trainers


soletopia - Off court Trainers

soletopia – Off court Trainers



What : The combat boot

Why: Because not every man can own a motorcycle but every man can look like he does – and that’s the best part anyways.

How to wear: Jeans + T + combat boots = success. Chunky sweater + casual pant + combat boots = ultimate success. 3 piece suit + combat boot = confusion and stares. You get the idea. When in doubt refer to the images below.


Juananomuerdas X Men - The Combat Boot

Juananomuerdas X Men – The Combat Boot


juananomuerdasxmen - The Combat Boot

juananomuerdasxmen – The Combat Boot





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