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Watches: Don’t let your wrist go to waste!

Published 10/08/2013 by

The modern watch has a long and exciting history – full of scientific discovery, style, and status. The first known watch is dated to 1530. These “clock-watches” were a transitionary size between clocks and watches, and they were often shaped like fruit or books. Terrible at keeping time, these devices were all about fashion for the nobility. I’m imagining a lot of Flava Flav style oversized time keeping devices hanging from the necks of medieval nobility.

Watches progressively became smaller and more accurate with the minute hand being introduced in 1680, and the first wristwatch being sold in 1868. It wasn’t until men wore wristwatches during World War I, because they had to tell time with their hands full, that wristwatches became popular for men. Before this time women were the only ones who wore wristwatches.

The latest shift in the history of watches has been the advent of the cell phone. Even though people can look at their phones to tell the time, the wristwatch has endured as the quintessential men’s accessory. My mother always told me that a man’s watch says a lot about him, and with the ample amount of selection today, a man can have his watch say anything about him.

A sporty watch (not a sports watch) can be worn on any occasion. Go with a striped canvas band to keep it fresh and energetic. The gold-on-black look is in, and it screams swagger. Oversized is okay, but don’t go overboard. And my personal favorite is a braided leather band watch. Classic and timeless (pardon the pun,) this style of watch was good enough for your grandfather, and is good enough for you.

Don’t let your wrist go to waste. Tell people a little something about yourself with your timepiece.


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