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JUST-In: the men’s desert boot

Published 10/10/2013 by

Let’s recap. Last week we talked about the 5 pairs of kicks you need to have in your closet. Pop quiz time. Do you remember number three? We’ll give you a clue, look up. Yes, the unassuming desert boot . It’s been around awhile and endured the test of time to emerge as a true classic. Why? Well it’s casual enough to pair with your everyday uniform but the sleek texture of the leather, adds a polished tactile element that speaks to a subtle sophistication. Basically, it’s not as stuffy as an oxford can be but much more grown-up than any type of trainer. What’s not to love? Available in grey and dark brown, we’ve just made a strong argument to invest in both GALTERIO chukka hues this season.


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