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10 Fab Thanksgiving DIY Ideas

Published 10/11/2013 by

We have our stretchy pants all laid out on the bed; a weekend of  Thanksgiving feasting awaits us. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, various pies (because one is totally unacceptable) – it will be glorious. And after we toast to all the many things we have to be thankful for, largely our iPhone surviving that second drop in the toilet (just me?), you’ll unwind with your friends and family. No matter where you do your #nomnom this weekend, don’t arrive empty-handed. Here are some budget-friendly Thanksgiving DIY’s sure to wow your host and have them offering up a second slice of pie and an invite for next year.


1) If your friends like to pretend they live in an episode of Mad Men: 

We like to pretend we’re booshie like letting that sparkling grape juice (only the finest) overflow our (plastic) wine glasses. It only follows that this low-maintenance appetizer speaks to us. You can simultaneously hold your cocktail and elegantly eat your hummus. That’s right. All you need is parsley, toothpicks and carrots. Voila, instant retro mini pumpkin dippers. - Pumpkin Dippers – Pumpkin Dippers


2)  You are the master baker in your family: 

If you are the person people ring up for every birthday/baby shower/holiday to bust out the apron and work some sweet tooth magic – we present this stunning DIY. A remix on the traditional apple pie, this apple peel rose-topped confection now looks as good as it tastes.

joysama- Rose Topped Apple Pie

joysama- Rose Topped Apple Pie

3) You think of yourself as crafty (emphasis on think):

We have dreams of Edward Scissor- handing our way through craft paper to create perfect paper snowflakes but the reality is we own a pair of child’s safety scissors and still manage to cut ourselves on the paper. If you too fall into this category, this might be the DIY for you. Go for a wee forest stroll and gather up pine cones to create some very adorable place card holders. If you are feeling fancy (aren’t you always?) – you can dip the bottoms in gold glitter. - Pine cone name holders – Pine cone name holders


4) You are the next Martha Stewart (minus the jail time):

Giving flowers is always a thoughtful sentiment. One up your friends by pulling out the big guns this Thanksgiving with a bountiful arrangement. For this masterpiece, you’ll need flowers, a pumpkin and a block of florist’s foam. Not too shabby Marth 2.0. - Pumpkin centerpiece – Pumpkin centerpiece


5)  If you are the black sheep/weirdo/eccentric in your family

We all need to wave a little freak flag now and again. So in the spirit of strange and stranger, we present this cob of corn made from a banana and  candy corn. Is cute, no? Tell me what small fry in your life wouldn’t want to devour this. You will be their new favourite Aunt/Uncle/Cousin.

Food Diggity - Faux Cob of Corn

Food Diggity – Faux Cob of Corn


6) You’re more about a liquid dinner (for those of you under 19, we mean soda): 

Maybe you are hosting this year. Hosting a shindig is a lot of planning and work hence we can get behind any idea that is simple, striking and functional. This pumpkin ice bucket is all three.

Inspiration for Home - Pumpkin Ice Bucket

Inspiration for Home – Pumpkin Ice Bucket


7) You own a sharpie and you’re not afraid to use it:

It’s great to have a little something left behind after the festivities wind down. Why not try the giving-thanks tablecloth?! Everyone writes what they are thankful for with a permanent marker near their place setting. Bonus: no one has to feel bad when they knock over that glass of red or slop the gravy. Put away that Tide-to-Go pen; this table is all about the memories.

parents connect - Graffiti thanks tablecloth

parents connect – Graffiti thanks tablecloth


If you are known to start fires in the kitchen versus serve up feasts: 

It’s the day of Thanksgiving and your pressed for time. More over, you are not known for your prowess in the kitchen. We got you. Look at this! A turkey veggie platter – yes, that’s right. Not only is it adorable but everyone needs a bit of  roughage in between downing stuffing and red wine.

Formula Mom - Turkey veggie platter

Formula Mom – Turkey veggie platter


9) Your family is dysfunctional and this is cheaper than therapy: 

It’s hammer time! Rather than headbutting your big brother over his monopoly of the gravy boat – may we suggest this artsy way to exercise your frustrations. Gather your hammer, paper towels, craft paper and a selection of leaves and get ready to create a work of art.  Very cathartic indeed.


All for the Boys - The hammered leaf motif

All for the Boys – The hammered leaf motif

10)  You responsible for the bevies and you’d rather not go the Kool-Aid and Mountain Dew route :

Cider, as much as we love it, it’s so expected. You can do better. Prepare this tasty nectar of the gods (with or without alcohol) to please and hydrate the masses. They might be using those plastic cups but they won’t even notice.

Martha Stewart - Pear -Rosemary Cocktail

Martha Stewart – Pear -Rosemary Cocktail


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