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Published 10/15/2013 by

How I Stumbled into Acting

Back in high school my friend Jim had somehow gotten himself into the acting game. Heck, he had an agent, auditions, acting classes, the whole nine yards. One day we were hanging out and his agent called him for a last minute audition. Long story short, I snuck in, landed the role, bing bang boom, I was an actor.

At this point I was already doing terribly in high school, and frankly, my new acting career didn’t really help matters. I’d skip entire days of school to go to Toronto for auditions. Strange thing was, most of the roles I was landing were for the role of ‘student.’

I spent a whole week going to fake high school with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams in a movie. One day Kirsten made the entire cast and crew wait fifteen minutes while she drank a can of Coke. Ballin’.

After fake high school I went off and worked my fake after school job at a fake snack-bar on the
 TV show “Twice in a Lifetime”. My co-star was Ian Ziering from 90210.We really hit it off in between takes, so at lunchtime we ate a huge pile of grilled cheese sandwiches in his private trailer.

After I fake graduated from fake high school 
I went off and set up my fake dorm room at fake university in a Future Shop commercial.

Over the course of three years I must have made about eighty thousand dollars pretending to 
be a student. Back in the real world I got real expelled from two real high schools, but what did I care? I was rich! So I moved to Costa Rica and spent all the money.

- Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold retired from acting after losing his front tooth…twice (boy, long story). Today he lives in Montreal where he’s a primo illustrator and the much-loved, moustached mastermind behind Mr. Sign (No story here – he’s a guy that paints signs so the name’s quite literal).


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