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Published 10/23/2013 by

Cool Online Yet Normal In the Halls


I seemed to notice them before they noticed me. And every year I wished it would change, even if just slightly. Pretty girls and cool guys–lining the hallways like a secret jacket pocket that held all the answers to the test. They had it, they kept it. Hidden and safe.

Everything changed when I switched schools and became the new kid. But how do you get the answers to a test you don’t know the questions for?

You write the actual test.

I had always been interested in writing, and 
that previous summer had fallen for the Beats, Bukowski, John Fante, and for the idea of creating the hero I wanted to be. And that’s how I found myself blogging religiously about my past and my present.

I was a quiet kid that didn’t say much. And that didn’t have to change when I sat down at the keyboard to reiterate my day in, day out. I was an observer picking apart the conversations 
I was around, the situations I was around, the relationships I was around. I was just around! And being around made me more than a fly on
the wall. Through my blogging, I was the narrator of my high school with an audience of classmates- the characters of my stories.

There were mixed reactions sure, but the positives outweighed the negatives. Girls started paying attention to me more and more. They were interested in my writing, interested in the character I had created for myself… and for them. But when our conversations moved from being online to school hallways, we would realize there was no true romance. And while the blog kept getting hits, I’d get hit on less and less.

I’m still writing to this day–trying to write the test I can hold the answers to. And some iconic lines continue to run through my head with every paragraph; You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool (on the internet).


- Drew Thomson


Northern Ontario’s Drew Thomson has the unbelievable-but-we-swear-we’re-not-lying distinction of being a poet that moonlights as a gold prospector. When he’s not writing gold or searching for it, he’s chasing gold records as the lead singer of single mothers.


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