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DIY: Glitter Shoes

Published 10/29/2013 by

Fans of heels typically think most flat shoes aren’t dressy or special enough. Sometimes though, when you know you are going to be on the dance floor all night, a pair of flats just makes sense!

We’re solving this problem with today’s Glittery Shoes DIY that brings together the pizzazz of heels with the practicality of flats. You do not need much, but know that you must be careful and patient to achieve quality results.


- Newspaper (to cover your work table )

- A bowl (to collect excess glitter)

- Sandpaper

- Glue/Mod Podge

- Glitter (fine glitter works best)

- A painting sponge (you can grab one at most dollar stores)


1) Decide what areas of your shoes you wish to give a little sparkle to. All or maybe just the toes?

2) Sand the surface so the glue/Mod Podge penetrates the fabric.

3) Cover these areas with a layer of glue/Mod Podge.

4) Apply your glitter.

5) Let your glue dry as directed.

Paired with black cigarette trousers or a party dress if you’re feeling daring!  No matter what you wear them with these chic shoes are sure to drum up conversation and compliments.



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