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Hot or Not: Socks and Sandals

Published 11/05/2013 by

It seems we’ve entered into the fashion age of no rules but with no rules comes admittedly some (or much) confusion. Nothing ruffles our sartorial feathers and furrows our fashion brows more than socks and sandals. Do we love it? Do we loathe it? Are we just not sure? This fall, the growing trend of cutout footwear has given us even more pause. Not really a sandal but without the full coverage of a traditional seasonal stomp’er, how does one showcase this shoe to its full advantage? Let’s go over some of the styling options up for debate.


Knee socks – Difficulty rating 3/5

Ah yes the knee sock. The ever elusive (but is it reallllly) knee sock. Do you think you can’t pull it off? Well let this coy lady change your mind. Rethink the sock and sandal combo and go for an ankle boot remix. Keep the ensemble from going too young by keep the rest of your attire not overly body-con, body skimming layers, and minimal accessorizing. We love a knee sock with a bit of texture that feels truly fall. Get some here.




Contrasting hosiery - Difficulty rating 2/5

The easiest look to dip your toes into this trend is working contrasting hosiery and sandals. If you are bashful go with an opaque tight and a colourful shoe, a la singer Corinne Bailey Rae. But if you are not afraid to get experimental, you little trendista you, go for it with a small scale polka dot printed tight and a heel in a different hue. This is the focal point of your outfit so don’t compete with a large hat or your gold 2chainzzzz. Let your legs do the talking.

Ankle Socks - Difficulty rating 4/5

Ankle socks. We love to love you baby. But you don’t necessarily love us back. Ankle socks are very junior by nature. Which means of course that you have to balance out the rest of your attire by going a bit more grown up. Otherwise, the result can look trashy, cheap, comical or a sad days lethal mix of all three. Keep overly precious garments, like lace/floral dresses away, and instead opt for say black on black with a pop of white frilled socks and a chunky heeled open toe heel. Yes girl. Yes.



Socks & Tights layered - Difficulty rating 4.5/5

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the socks tights combo is well, not an easy duo to pull of seamlessly. There are a lot of sartorial stars that have to align for this combo to look on point…skirt length, where the ankle strap hits and (don’t hate me) but it is more challenging when you are petite because the sock is shaving off some inches by creating a break in the visual leg line. It’s not impossible. If you want to try this look, I suggest going for a skirt that is solid and the same colour as your tights to create a streamlined effect.



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